Herbal Cough & Cold Management with Organic Honey


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  • Fast & Effective formulation against cough & cold
  • 100% natural
  • Softens respiratory passages
  • Relieves sore throat
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HNE COUGH: Herbal Cough & Cold Management with Organic Honey, is composed of liquid that will help you boost your immunity against cough & cold. It is made with 100% natural ingredients. These herbal & organic ingredients help the cough to galvanize the body against all types of cold & cough. Its fast and effective formulation helps to soften respiratory passages & to relieve a sore throat. It consists of natural products like tulsi, vasaka, kali mirch, organic honey, mulethi, kantakari, etc. to help you get set for a healthy, nutritious & energetic lifestyle. By softening respiratory passages, it allows you to breathe better, thereby relieving your sore throat. It is enriched with Organic Honey known for its natural properties. With HNE Cough with organic honey, we help you get set and lead a healthy, nutritious & energetic lifestyle. The blue colored packaging is a testimony to the health benefits that come as a bonus to the immunity & ayurvedic properties of this herbal product. HNE Cough will always ensure complete health, protection against cold & cough to ensure your body can continue to avail nutrition and immunity against diseases for an energetic lifestyle.

Daily Dosage:

For Children
1 Teaspoonful 2-3 times
2 Teaspoonful 2-3 times
Or as directed by
the Physician.


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