Immunity Herbal Bodyguard


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  • Powerhouse of immunity
  • Enriched with Antibiotic & Ayurvedic Herbs
  • Overcome chronic infections
  • Treat autoimmune disorders
  • Improves Skin and overall health
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HNE Immunity is a herbal bodyguard consisting of herbs like Neem, Giloy, Amla, Tulsi, Guggal, Manjishtha, Somlata, Yashtimadhu among many others. It increases body immunity and helps in treating infections like respiratory tract infections, ocular infections, dental infections, periodontal infections, bone & joint infections etc. Each tablet is a powerhouse of immunity enriched with the goodness of more than 12 antibiotic & pure ayurvedic herbs. While giloy is known to be highly effective in reducing stress, tiredness and fatigue, Tulsi extracts on regular consumption provide added health benefits. Neem is well known for its antimicrobial and cleansing properties and can also help in making your skin and overall health better.. With HNE Immunity herbal bodyguard we help you get set and lead a healthy, nutritious & energetic lifestyle.


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