Tulsi Healthy Drops


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  • Relief from migraine
  • Relief from morning sickness
  • Prevent cold & flu
  • Boost immunity
  • Fights infections
  • Improves blood flow
  • Lowers blood sugar


HNE Tulsi Health Drops are the perfect amalgamation of Ginger & Tulsi. This miraculous Ayurvedic supplement not only helps in boosting immunity but also improves blood flow and fights infections. It aids in strengthening body defenses against migraine, cold, flu, morning sickness, and extreme blood glucose levels. 3-5 drops of HNE Tulsi every day help you get set for a healthy, nutritious, efficient & energetic lifestyle. HNE Tulsi Healthy Drops protects against migraine, cold, flu, infections, morning sickness, erratic blood sugar levels, low immunity, etc. HNE Tulsi is a must supplement to ensure a healthy, nutritious & energetic lifestyle in today’s hectic work culture

The blue colored packaging is a testimony to the health benefits that come as a bonus to the healthy & immunity properties of this herbal product. HNE Tulsi will always ensure complete health, protection against diseases to ensure your body can continue to avail nutrition and immunity against diseases for an energetic lifestyle.


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